Продаем землю сельхозназначения в Тверской области, Лихославль. в Москве

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Landholdings include 153 hectares agricultural land in the Tver region of Russia.
Located within the boundaries of country settlements New Village and Solomon Likhoslavl area of 60 km from the city of Tver and 230 km from Moscow. Coordinates JPS: 57.134283, 35.617661 (+57 ° 8 '3.42 ", +35 ° 37' 3.58.).
The lands are divided into several sections near the contours. There is 1 certificate of ownership for all lands. The landscape: fields, pastures, hay fields, framed by undergrowth. The river Cava flows through the areas (width 6-7 meters). There is water (water towers), gas and electricity in villages. The relief of the area is predominantly flat, not waterlogged. Holdings are located near the peat deposits, saprofelya, limestone. The surrounding forests are rich with mushrooms and game (wild boar, moose, hare, fox).
Transportation: asphalt road is in good condition, regularly cleaned of winter snow by road services. Near there is a railway station «Likhoslavl» (11 km).
According to the scheme of territorial planning, approved by local authorities (forecast plan for development of the area), part of the possessions is included in the project area of protected natural, historical and cultural landscapes (in the valley of the river Cava), suggesting the possibility of doing as efficient agriculture, and the development of recreational and tourist complexes.
This is in direct contact with the owner of the land holdings.
There are also other agricultural land area with over 1,500 hectares in the region (3-100 sites per hectare), and agricultural enterprises (company), which owns 1,000 hectares of the land.
Why you should buy agricultural lands in Russia?
1) Russia arguably is the best place in the world to invest in agriculture right now because of a combination of large quantity of cheap assets, ample water supply, political stability, rapidly improving infrastructure, and extremely productive black-earth farmland (the richest soil in the world)
2) Russia doesn't have the vulnerabilities of present in most developed nations.
3) Russia doesn't have an overdeveloped financial sector like the US, the UK, Japan, and most of Europe.
4) Russia isn't faced with financing the retirement of a large, rapidly-growing elderly population (ie: baby boomers) like most industrial nations
5) A highly exaggerated anti-Russian bias in the western media has scared away many Western investors, making Russian assets more attractive. In fact, western investors in Russia have earned very high returns exactly because of this bias, which keeps capital away and gives higher returns to the capital that does come in.

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Продаем землю сельхозназначения в Тверской области, Лихославль.

Продаем землю сельхозназначения в Тверской области, Лихославль.

Продаем землю сельхозназначения в Тверской области, Лихославль.